Remedies to Replenishing Your Hands & Feet

Some people struggle with trying to keep their hands and feet moisturized throughout the year, especially during the winter months. This winter may have been tough on your skin, but Simple Wellness Hair and Day Spa offers a remedy that will have your hands and feet ready just in time for flaunting them during the summer months and beyond.
Simple Wellness prepares their own mix of scrubs that help repair and renew skin. Their in-house signature blends, Lavender Almond and Chocolate Delight, a cocoa replenishing scrub, remove dead, unwanted skin, leaving hands and feet replenished and moisturized.
Customers can expect to experience a foot soak filled with warm to hot aromatic water, eliminating the need for chemically harsh products and techniques; and manicures that improve the texture and health of your fingernails and skin on your hands. In addition, customers can expect hand and foot reflexology and massage techniques to relax you, stimulate blood flow and improve the healthy look of your skin.
In between regularly scheduled manis and pedis, Simple Wellness recommends these moisturizing at-home remedies to keep hands and feet from getting dried out:

  • Moisturize hands after every wash while gently pushing back cuticles
  • Soak tired, achey feet in Epson salt adding a few drops of tea tree oil to cleanse and moisturize
  • Rub Vaseline on hands and feet covering them with gloves and cotton socks, at night to help keep hands and feet soft

Photo courtesy of Space Coast Massage & Spa

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